Solar Coolers with the most efficient energy savings ever developed.

They are very high efficiency equipment, which thanks to their characteristics provide exceptional economic and reliable operation.

These technologies allow that the refrigeration of foods is, nowadays, a highly viable possibility.

The battery-operated solar refrigerators and freezers are designed for fully automatic operation. Its highly efficient brushless DC motor works with 12 or 24 VDC.

These devices are distinguished by their ease of use through a large digital screen with adjustment options, the highest standard of quality, reliability and long service life.

In addition, the equipment is easy to clean, as it includes a water outlet in the bottom.

High efficiency refrigerators have an exceptionally low energy consumption.

This allows the use of a solar array and a battery of small batteries, thus minimizing equipment costs due to the generation of energy.

The cooling is achieved based on a CD compressor that achieves temperatures up to -1 ° C.

Suitable for multiple uses such as hospitals, stores, domestic use, field, among others.

They can be operated by means of a battery system which are connected to a solar panel system.


  • 12v/24v power supply it is for outdoor use.
  • Man-machine engineering principle is applied. A balanced hinge is installed on door-frame, so that the door can be opened from any angel.
  • Fully round corners are in safe design, always taking care of you and your family.
  • The door can be fixed with lock or embedded handle.
  • Lamp inside desgin is optional, and the condenser inside or back-mounted is also optional.
  • Excellent performance with high efficiency compressor.
  • Cyclopentane foaming.
  • Fast and deep freezing.
  • Unique water drainage design for easy cleaning.