Incubators are an essential dispositive in a laboratory when it comes to cellular biology experiments, microbiology, and cellular cultures. The perfect incubator maintains the right temperature, humidity and other factors involved in experiments that imitate the living process. Kalstein products offers you the ideal anaerobic incubator so that you can rely on the storage of any kind of culture, you want to preserve.


Anaerobic incubator

This anaerobic incubator has terrific features that guarantees the safety and quality of the cultures you want to maintain. It is common in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, public health, agriculture and many more, they are special equipment to cultivate organisms for scientific research and examining and the isolation of anaerobes from clinical material.


Anaerobic incubator description

This product runs with a Microprocessor intelligent temperature control with over-temperature protection. It also has a UV lamp for sterilization. In addition, you can adjust for different inlet gas. It has a stainless steel operation room and the front door is made from thick transparent shockproof special glass. Another great feature is the integrated gloves for a comfortable and flexible operation. You should know that this anaerobic incubator is composed with an operation room, a cultivating room, a sampling room, a gas path, a control system, a bottle holder and disinfector, among other great features. This incubator’s design allows to have a stable anaerobic environment inside the operation room.


Anaerobic incubator technical parameters

The YR0569 model has a LED screen display for better viewing of the parameters and the YR0570 model has a LCD screen display. The overall power supply for both models is 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz. The range of temperature-control inside the incubation chamber is RT+3°C~60°C. The external size for both models is 120x740x140 mm. The Time for creating anaerobic state in sample chamber is less than 5min. The time for creating anaerobic state in the operation chamber is less than 1 hour (with an oxygen concentration≤1%).The time for maintaining anaerobic circumstances is more than 12 hours (when there is no supply of mixed gas). The Range of temperature-control in the incubation chamber is RT+3°C~60°C. Temperature fluctuation in incubation chamber is ±0.3 degrees Celsius and the Temperature uniformity in incubation chamber is ±1°C.



  • Microprocessor intelligent temperature control with over-temperature protection.
  • UV lamp for sterilization.
  • The gas flow can be adjusted for different inlet gas.
  • Operation room is made of stainless steel and the front door is made of thick transparent shockproof special glass.
  • Dedicated gloves for a comfortable, flexible operation.


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