Since you need to measure any amount of mass, you must count with an analytical balance in your laboratory. These devices are very important because they are able to measure small masses in the sub-milligram range. In order to keep the dust affecting the balance’s operation, its measuring pan is inside a transparent enclosure with doors.

Having the right measurements when working in any kind of laboratory is a fundamental factor in order to have reliable results. There is a specific device or tool that can help you achieve that, and that is the Electronic Balance. These devices are very easy to operate and every measure they make are accurate and reliable. That is why their use have spread very quickly.

When using these amazing tools, you have to be very careful, because despite they are very easy to operate devices, if you do not follow the steps the right way, the possibility to make mistakes increases. Electronic balances display mass values because the reference standards for mass are weights, which are located on a pan to inform the electronic balance that a given force is equivalent to a given number of grams. This value is then used for conversion.


Analytical balance

This analytical balance’s model has an electromagnetic sensor. In addition, it also has a LCD backlight display that makes the viewing of values a lot easier and clear. Moreover, it is operator friendly with direct weight and it directly reads the weighing results. This model is highly smart, making it the right suit for you. One of its most important features is that it increases and goes back to zero within the whole weighing scope. In addition, it has an overload display.

Another important feature you should know about this analytical balance is that it has a multi-choice mode that includes counting, percentage of weight and density weight. In addition, it comes with an RS-232C interface, which it is easy to connect with a printer, a computer and other output device. This model’s frame size is 325 mm x 205 mm x 305 mm and its weight is 8Kg. There are two versions of this analytical balance model. First, there is the YR01766 with a capacity of 120 g and then there is the YR01767 with a capacity of 220 g.


Features of the Analytical Balance

  • Electromagnetic sensor
  • LCD backlight display, easy and clear
  • Operator-friendly ,direct weigh ,directly read the weighing result
  • Highly smart , tare and back to zero within the whole weighing scope , overload display
  • Multi-mode choice : counting 、percentage weigh 、density weigh
  • With RS-232Cinterface, easy to connect with printer、computer and other output device
  • Frame size/Weight:325*205*305mm /8kg