A biosafety cabinet is an enclosed and ventilated workspace inside a laboratory, built to be able to handle pathogens contaminated materials requiring a specific biosafety level. This Class I biosafety cabinet’s primary purpose is to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. Class I provides personnel and environmental protection but there is no product protection. You should know that un-purified room air constantly enters into these types of cabinets’ work area.

This Class I biosafety cabinet is a practical containment unit, which means that is suitable for work involving moderate risk agents in biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. In these levels, the priority us to contain, not to protect the product. The conventional fume hood does not filter the air, which means that it does not protect the environment. That is not the case of the HEPA filter in the Class I biosafety cabinet. This model filters air before it is exhausted. The personnel protection is possible thanks to the negative pressure and the constant air movement into the work area.

The general features of these models are: soft touch control panel with an LCD display. UV lamp for sterilization. A stable airflow system that provides firm protection to person and environment. It is also Energy saving with high efficiency and low noise. Finally, they are a one-piece 304 stainless steel workstation, which makes them very easy to clean.

The YR0099 model measures 1100x695x1924mm (WxDxH) in the outside and 968x695x630mm (WxDxH) in the inside. The HEPA filter has a 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 μm. The airflow velocity for all of them is 0.38-0.6m/s. The power consumption of the YR009i is 400W. This model has a 304 stainless steel workstation. In addition, they have a power supply of AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10% 60Hz. The standards accessories are one piece of fluorescent lamp and two pieces of UV lamps.

  • Class I Biosafety Cabinet does not protect the product from contamination because un-purified room air constantly enters into work area.
  • As a partical containment unit, the Class I Biosafety Cabinet is suitable for work involving low to moderate risk agents (Biosafety Levels) where there is a need for containment, but not for product protection.
  • Unlike conventional fume hood, the HEPA filter in the Class I Biosafety Cabinet protects the environment by filtering air before it is exhausted.
  • With the negative pressure, personnel protection is made possible by constant movement of air into the work area.


  • Soft touch control panel, LCD display.
  • UV lamp for sterilization.
  • Stable air flow system; provide firm protection to person and environment.
  • Energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise.
  • One piece 304 stainless steel work stable, easy for cleaning.