Centrifuge is the process where any specimens get their components separated in order to perform the required exams. The process is a spinning machine and one of its main device is a centrifuge tube. In this case, we are offering ultra-clear polypropylene centrifuge tubes.


Centrifuge tubes

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. This material is a good choice for containers of such liquids. Polypropylene’s melting point is 130 degrees Celsius. These are ultra-clear polypropylene conical-bottom centrifuge tubes, which means that the tubes do not have a ‘hazy’ or ‘milky’ appearance. That is why they have a glass transparency look even at the thicker parts.


Conical bottom centrifuge tubes

These 50 ml centrifuge tubes come with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) caps, a petroleum thermoplastic, resistant to high temperatures such as 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. This material has a high resistance to heat and diverse chemicals products. It is also very resistant to impact and it is very light weighted. Besides, these caps come in two different models: one is a flat cap and the other is a plug shaped cap.


Polypropylene centrifuge tubes

When it comes to centrifuge processes, it is fundamental that the centrifuge tubes are resistant, light and finally yet importantly, leak proof. No more worries about any leaks while testing samples with these centrifuge tubes. This feature definitely saves time and effort. Another important fact about the 50ml centrifuge tubes is that they have a conical shape bottom.


50ml centrifuge tubes

These centrifuge tubes have another important feature. When it comes to storage and labeling process, it is very important to have tubes that come with space for that. This model has a large white marking strip so that it is easier to identify the samples inside the laboratory.  Another important feature is that the tubes come with white printed graduations. All of these facts make the 50 ml centrifuge tubes made from Polypropylene the ideal choice for the centrifuge process in any kind of laboratory.

These 50 ml centrifuge tubes come in a bulk, packed in bags. The quantity per bag is 25 units and 20 bags per case. The sterilization process they go through is Ethylene Oxide (EO).

  • These conical-bottom tubes are made of ultra-clear polypropylene.
  • Cap Materails: HDPE.
  • Leakproof.
  • White printed graduations with large marking strip for labeling.