Having the right measurements when working in any kind of laboratory is a fundamental factor in order to have reliable results. There is a specific device or tool that can help you achieve that, and that is the Electronic Balance. These devices are very easy to operate and every measure they make are accurate and reliable. That is why their use have spread very quickly.

When using these amazing tools, you have to be very careful, because despite they are very easy to operate devices, if you do not follow the steps the right way, the possibility to make mistakes increases. Electronic balances display mass values because the reference standards for mass are weights, which are located on a pan to inform the electronic balance that a given force is equivalent to a given number of grams. This value is then used for conversion.


Electronic Balances Type 3

This electronic balance type 1 model has a hale appearance style. Its body is made of PC alloy materials, hard and dumbly. As far as the pan, it is made of high quality stainless steel with SUS304, simply and fluency. Another great feature is that it has a large LCD screen display with a soft backlight, which makes values a lot easier to read. In addition, this model has a more humanized design with a fast response level. Moreover, it comes with great features such as easy counting weighing mode making it easy to operate. This device is equipped with the u wit g, ct., oz., etc. That means it has 21 types of international units.

Another feature you should know about is that it has a full range taring function. In addition, its standard RS232 function is able to connect it with the printer, computer or other equipment. Moreover, the windshield with pure white glass is used to ensure the stability of the weighing accuracy. On the other hand, the size of this balance’s pan is 300 mm x 250 mm x 60 mm. Finally, it has an AC/DC multiple function with an option to have a rechargeable battery.

In order to obtain the right values, you should perform daily inspection of your balances. First, you need to visually inspect the exterior for any contamination or anything else that might be unusual. Secondly, you must confirm that everything is working the right way. Check the switches and opening/closing of the door. In addition, you must confirm that the zero-point display (without a load) is stable.


Features of the Electronic Balance Type 3

  • Appearance style  hale, fashion and  brief, sporty  powerful
  • The body is made of PC alloy materials, hard and dumbly
  • Pan is made of high quality stainless steel with SUS304,simply and fluency
  • Large screen LCD d display, backlight is soft and easy to read
  • Humanization design, fast responce
  • With the features of easy counting weighing mode, easy to operate
  • Equipped with the u wit g,ct,oz, etc.Total 21 kinds international units
  • Full range taring function
  • Standard RS232 function,can connect with the printer, computer or others equipment
  • AC/DC multiple function, rechargeable battery (option)