Histology field is all about the study of tissues, their role in the body, their anatomy, the way they are affected by diseases, among other important aspects. Histology is a very fundamental and important area in the biology field. You should know that tissues are large groups of cells that cluster together to complete a shared function. This floatation workstation model is a device that combines water bath and slide dryer.

When it comes to tissue preparation, it is fundamental that every device works correctly. This step is very important in every histology laboratory. At the time that any sample arrives to the lab in order to be tested, these tissues or fluids are located into formalin to avoid any deterioration. In this step a medical scientist, an anatomical pathologist or the expert inside your lab examines them. At this point the expert will describe any abnormalities or not and then he or she will dissect it to offer a complete diagnosis. This is one of the most important stages, where the quality and safety are required, that is why you must have high-end devices such as this floatation workstation.

This device will make the tissue preparation easier, safer and more efficient. This floatation workstation’s uses ranges from Microtomy (cutting sections & label slides with no errors) to histology (eliminating errors, improving workflow and the patient’s safety). There are a few important aspects to know about this model’s features. To begin with, this model is a very well-designed floatation workstation that combines water bath and slide dryer. This feature does not means that it is going to be a heavy device, is the complete opposite, this model is light weighted, allowing an easy operation, and it has a small size.

You should know that this model is a top-level advanced device in this field in China. In addition, this YR457 model has a new-type control technology by single-chip microprocessors. The quality improves with a new-type heating material. Finally, this model is suitable to use for pathological research and teaching in hospitals and research institutes. This device allows a more dynamic education in institutes, being this an important aspect in the diagnosis of human or animal tissue samples including autopsy and forensic specimens to gain a better understanding of biological processes.

Product Name: YR457 Floatation Workstation.

Product Categories: Water Bath&Slide Dryer.



  • A compact well-designed device that combines water bath and slide dryer featured with light weight, easy operation, and small size.
  • New-type control technology by single-chip microprocessors.
  • New-type heating material.
  • Suitable to use for pathological research and teaching in hospitals and research institutes.
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