In almost every field of science and chemistry, centrifuges are an important and fundamental element in any laboratory. Their main function is to separate sample solutions according to their weight and other factors. Nowadays, centrifuges are far more than just a motor spinning around. Centrifuges are available in different sizes, speed and configuration. The separation process happens when the device creates a great amount of force tours the object, many times greater than gravity. That accelerates the natural separation process when a sample has particles with different densities.


Speed Centrifuge

The centrifuge process consists in separating particles from a solution according to their size, shape, density and viscosity. The centrifugal force is a very crucial technique in biochemistry or biotechnology. In this case, we are presenting you the low-speed refrigerated model that meets your research needs. Low-speed centrifuges are very common when it comes to routine sedimentation of heavy particles such as red blood cells until the particles are tightly packed into a pellet and supernatant goes through a decantation process.


Low speed centrifuge

This low speed centrifuge’s max RCF is 1790g and its maximum speed is 4000rpm. About the control system, this YR134-1 has an elegant shape with an ABS housing, which enhances the durability and makes the cleaning process a lot easier. One of the great features is that the machine can stop running with the open lid, which ensures a safe running. This is a great quality model so the noise is very minimum and it has the stability you need. Another great feature is that the last operation’s data can be stored. In addition, the speed and time can be set according to demands.

About this model’s capacity, you should know that the maximum is 15mlx6. The temperature setting is from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius. The power supply is AC220V 50Hz and the external dimensions are (LxWxH) 270mmx270mmx240mm with a net weight of 5Kg.


Technical performance

  • Elegant shape, ABS housing, long service life and easy to clean.
  • The machine can stop runing with the lid open. This can ensure a safe running. It runs quietly and stably.
  • The speed and time can be set according to demands. The data of the last operation can be stored.