(Luxurious Version) Dental Chair


Standard Equipment:

  • 24V silence DC motor 1set
  • Structure compensation chair position( with 3 memory) 1set
  • Chair and backrest interlock, one-key linkage functions 1set
  • Auto spittoon flush and cup filter control 1set
  • Constant temperature system
  • Auxiliary assistant control system 1set
  • Handpiece water heating function independently 1set
  • Movable rotating ceramic cuspitor 1set
  • Saliva ejector with high and low suction 1set
  • 3-way syringe ( cold and hot water) 2sets
  • Imported handpiece hose 4pcs
  • Purified water supply system 1set
  • Sterilization system of hoses 1set
  • Luxurious ground glass plate, cup cylinder, tissue box 1set
  • LED 24V film viewer 1set
  • Luxurious LED operation light 1set
  • Multi-functional foot controller 1set
  • Double armrest 1set
  • Main control switch for power,water and air 1set
  • Dentist stool 1set
  • Luxurious genuine leather cushion 1set
  • Superior imported magnetic valves 1set
  • LINK DC motor ( Denmark brand) 1set
  • The import of American brand water pipe 1set
  • Italian import solenoid valve 2sets