Microtubes are the ideal recipient to storage serums and blood samples in labs. They are also useful for centrifugation, boiling and much more. There are four types of Microtubes with screw cap. Kalstein products guarantees you no more worries about storing samples.



There are four types of robust virgin polypropylene Microtubes with screw cap, which is the perfect material for this type of uses. Virgin polypropylene is a thermoplastic resistant to high temperatures due to its melting point of 130 degrees Celsius and its high resistance in general. These tubes are also ideal for sample processing and storage application.


Microtubes function

These microtubes have TPE O-ring caps, which means they have thermoplastic elastomer caps, which are resistant to polar liquids, creating an excellent seal for security storage. The 1.5ml model has an O-ring loop cap that prevents any cross-contamination caused by wrong covering.  Another great feature is that these microtubes are easy for single-hand operation. In the case of the labeling process, these microtubes have a polished writing area on the tube so that you can write on it. That makes it much easier for you to identify and store them.

You should know that these microtubes are autoclavable, in case you need to sterilize them. The package they come in is 500 units per bag and 10 bags per case.

  • Manufactured from robust clear polyproplylene offer excellent view of tube contents.
  • Tubes are ideal for sample processing and storage application.
  • Caps including TPE O-ring create excellent seal for security storage.
  • O-ring loop cap on tube prevent cross-contamination caused by wrong cover.
  • Easy for single-hand operation.
  • Polished area on tube for writing or labeling.
  • Autoclavable.