• CARBONATE ANYTHING. 0-45 psi gauge works great to carbonate beer, water, tea, or any other beverage.
  • DISPENSE LIKE A PRO. Also works great to dispense your keg or growler. This kit is much smaller and lighter than traditional tanks/regulators.
  • ​​​​​​​CONVENIENT. Paintball tanks can be refilled at most sporting goods stores. Much easier than trying to find a welding supply store for the big tanks.


  • GREAT VALUE. This system plus the paintball CO2 tank (sold separately) is much cheaper than traditional tank and regulator based systems. You can also use 3/8″ threaded CO2 cartridges with this system.





Special Feature:
  • The inlet connection is a 3/8” thread for CO2 cartridges. The outlet connection is 1/4” transfer 7/16’’ UNF
  • Unit with 0-45 psi working pressure, 0-2000 psi tank pressure with safety pressure relief valve
  • Precise and constant pressure: this regulator is more precise than all other mini regulators and provides constant pressure. Recommend it for its accurate, safety, durable and efficient
  • Portable Mini CO2 Regulartor with small and delicate size design, make it easy to use in many portable regulator without bulky CO2 gear
  • This Mini CO2 Regulator can be used to dispense draft beer or to carbonate beverages, perfect for parties, homebrewer serving soda, beverages or beer or mini incubators              
The threaded co2 regulator is constant pressure CO2 gas regulator.

Portable mini CO2 regulator has a small and delicate size ,it can be easy to take and carry,and constant gas pressure.Draft system power,precision dial and adjustment knob for maintaining an exact pressure.It can be used conveniently and esaily.