Kalstein YR02258 Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held fetal heart rate detecting device adopted Doppler theory. It can be used in hospital and clinic for daily self-check by pregnant woman. The device adopts color LCD screen of high resolution, which can display the fetal heartbeat waveform and calculate the FHR value to help doctors for diagnosis in time.


  • Built-in Speaker.
  • TFT-LCD, Real-time Display of FHR.
  • Three Working Modes: Real-time FHR, Average FHR and Manual Calculation.
  • Display of FHR, Bar Graph and Heartbeat Waveform, Red Alarm for Abnormal FHR.
  • Indication for Probe-off and Low Battery.
  • Optional PRobes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8MHZ Probe.
  • Two AA Batteries.