he Superior series is a very flexible and innovative set of square high quality containers. They are specially designed for a safe working environment at a hospital or health care establishment. Superior is designed with extra wall thickness to prevent penetration. All sizes are stackable both empty and full. They are all equipped with universal needle disconnector, universal blade disconnector, QuickFit alternative, Leur lock and slip disconnectors. They are able to be locked both temporarily and permanently. The latter one is indicated by a flap with a lock showing that it is permanently locked. Superior has a visible fill line that indicates when the container is full. All sizes are also fully autoclavable and equipped with handles in order to help the transportation. The available sizes are 2.0 litres, and 3.0 litres.

Key Benefits 

  1. UN and ADR approved
  2. Stackable, both when it is full or empty
  3.  Marking for maximum filling level
  4.  Autoclavable
  5.  The lid can be sealed either temporarily or permanently
  6.  Manufactured in environmentally friendly PP
  7.  Hypodermic needle remover in the lid
  8.  Designed for wall, table and pipe mounts

Main characteristics

  1. Available sizes: 2.0 and 3.0 litre
  2. Standard colouring: Yellow
  3. Material: PP Copolymer