For any lab, it is fundamental that the tests they make is safe. The handled specimen has to go through a very delicate process, before and after the tests. It is necessary to be extremely careful, and one way to accomplish that is by getting the right specimen containers.

The transportation of specimen and delicate substances needs to be done in a proper way to avoid any leaks that can provoke the loss of important matter, so it is fundamental to have the proper container in order to receive good turnouts. This universal 30 ml specimen containerwith a screw cap and spoon is the right choice for the collection and transportation of delicate substances.


Specimen containers

Polypropylene is a very common material in industrial applications due to its unique properties and ability to adapt, especially in the packaging area. This is a virgin polypropylene and polystyrene container, which makes it the ideal decision for the collection and transportation of any kind of specimen. One of the most important features of this item, is that is made from a material that does not break. Besides, polypropylene is a “thermoplastic”, which means that it can reach 130 degrees Celsius (being this the melting point), without any significant degradation. On the other hand, polystyrene is a suitable material for all kinds of thermoformed packaging, providing the necessary safety.


30 ml specimen containers

This container model is for in vitro use only, which means that this model is strictly manufactured to perform tests with microorganisms, cells, or biological molecules outside their normal biological context. In addition, this model is suitable for fecal samples, a very common test inside any medical laboratory.


Specimen container with spoon

In any laboratory, the results of the tests rely on the way the containers are organized and stored. Therefore, we are offering you the following types of specimen containers. The first is made from polystyrene with a printed label and an attached spoon. The other model we are providing you is made from polypropylene with a plain label and it also has an attached spoon. The sterilization process both models through is Ethylene Oxide (EO). Another important thing you should know is that they are also available in individual Flow Pack upon requirement. Finally, they come as 50 units per zip bag and 400 per case.

  • Ideal for faecal Sampling
  • For In Vitro Use only
  • Available in individual Flow Pack upon Requirement