For any lab, it is fundamental that the tests they make is safe. The handled specimen has to go through a very delicate process, before and after the tests. It is necessary to be extremely careful, and one way to accomplish that is by getting the right specimen containers.


Specimen container

The transportation of specimen and delicate substances, such as microbiology and urinalysis samples, needs to be in a proper way to avoid any leaks that can provoke the loss of important matter, so it is fundamental to have the proper container in order to receive good turnouts. These 30ml sputum specimen containers are the right choice for collection and transportation of sputum.


Sputum specimen container

These are virgin ultra-clear polypropylene, which makes it the ideal decision for the collection and transportation of any kind of specimen. One of the most important features of this container, is that is unbreakable. Besides, polypropylene is a thermoplastic, which means that this container can be heated up to 130 degrees Celsius without any significant shape changes. The fact that these are ultra-clear polypropylene containers ensures the right visibility of the sample. You should know that these products have polypropylene caps.

There are two types of this 30ml sputum specimen container. One of them comes with label and the other one has no label at all. Both types come with the cups, the caps separately packed, and there is a packaging option of 10 cups and 10 caps inside a sleeve bag.

  • Manufactured from virgin ultra clear polypropylene ensures good samples visibility.
  • Cap Material :Polypropylene.
  • Ideal for Sputum Specimen.