Tianshi Blood Circulatory Massager S-780 – Green

This machine plays a vital role in promoting blood circulation. Using acupuncture theory, it stimulates the pressure points on the feet and palms, leading to a balanced and healthy blood circulation of the entire body.
Its vibration promotes blood circulation and is helpful in removing blockage from blood vessels, thus, enhancing blood supply round the body.
It helps improve the symptoms of poor circulation. Some most common symptoms of poor circulation are:
– Calf muscle cramping (including during sleep)- Cold feet and hands- Aching, swollen, and tired feet- Cramping in the feet, legs, and buttocks that occur whilst active but improves with rest- Hands and feet “fall asleep”- Discolouration of skin, including pale skin
NB: Do not use in cases of uncontrolled high blood pressure, pregnancy, high fever, malignant tumor, menorrhagia, hemorrhoids, kidney failure, patients using pace-maker or metallic implants in bones.

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