Uniform drying and heating temperatures are a very important part of your laboratory’s performance. It is fundamental to have the ideal laboratory oven in order to perform routine applications with success. We can provide you with the highest technology available for laboratory ovens in industries such as healthcare and biology researches. They are common in scientific investigation and manufacturing industries. When choosing an oven, consider applications, dimension, capacity and lab budget. Look for features that guarantee maximum sample and user protection.

Vacuum oven drying

The way a laboratory oven works is by the principle of convection.  A standard vacuum oven can operate at temperatures as high as +10~200℃. This means that the heating element is not located in the oven chamber with the specimen, it is located in a separate external envelope. This way, heat will not affect the sample because it will be located in the oven walls being this enough for heating or dehydrating a specimen. This method provides the needed uniform heat distribution. In addition, the display resolution for these vacuum oven models is 0.1 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the temperature stability is ±1 degrees Celsius. Their vacuum degree is 133Pa and its ambient temperature ranges from +5 to 40 degrees Celsius.

This stainless steel vacuum oven works with a microprocessor controller with a timing function. This model is especially designed for drying thermo-sensitive material or decompound an oxidative easily. This oven can be filled with inert gases, which are especially for a rapid drying of some compound material.  You should know these ovens feature a dual layered glass door for clear observation and its minimum heating time is 50% less than traditional vacuum ovens, providing more quality to your laboratory and giving reliability to your sample results.

Vacuum oven uses

Achieve uniform heating with the vacuum ovens for your plating, desiccating, out gassing, sterilization, or drying application needs. In addition, you should know that the models 6210 and 6090 are equipped with vacuum pump. Moreover, the models 6030A, 6030B and 6050B are equipped with an inlet air-valve control. The power consumption for all of the vacuum oven models is 220V 50HZ. These vacuum models are manufactured from stainless steel and cold rolled sheet. These ovens are the choice you need to make if you are starting a new laboratory.


  • Equipped with vacuum pump (model YR0172-7,YR0172-8)
  • Equipped with air inlet valve control (Model YR0172-4, YR0172-1A, YR0172-2A)