Waist and brace support belt. Self heating  magnetic therapy lumber waist  belt.  Made of high quality material,is safe and comfortable to wear. Ergonomic designs to fit for the waist curve, which will ease pressure on the back. And it provides support and protect lumber.Adopting self heating pad, which will promote blood circulation, relieve  lumber disc herniation and muscle strain.Suitable for people who suffer from lumber back pain, sciatica nerve pain. arthritis, soft tissue damage .A good choice for elderly parents, sedentary workers, friends, your self or any person suffering from any form of back, waist or lumber pain related issue
Key Features
  • Tourmaline self heating waist support belt
  • Have anti- inflammatory and analgesic role
  • self heating Far infrared
  • Enhanced metabolism,ease pain, thermogenic
  • Honey breathable fabric
  • Can be worn  under clothing
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