As you may know, there are different kind of microscopes. Their classification relates to their uses and to the type of laboratory. In this case, we are presenting you with the Zoom Stereo Microscope YR0253 model. The best choice for you and your laboratory. A stereo microscope provides lower magnification than compound microscopes. This instrument it is also known as a dissecting microscope. This type of microscope’s magnification usually ranges from 5x to 80x and the images are in three dimensions rather than a flat image.

This type of microscope is a variant of the common optical microscope, which is designed for low magnification observation of a sample. In these cases, the operator uses the light reflected from an object’s surface rather than transmitted through it. This device uses two separate optical paths producing a three-dimensional vision of the examined sample. Among this device’s uses, you find the study of solid specimens, close work such as dissection, microsurgery and forensic engineering. Another interesting fact about stereo microscopes is that they are essential tools in the entomology field.

In most of the times, a stereo microscope uses reflected illumination rather than transmitted illumination. This means that it uses the light reflected from the surface of an object rather than light transmitted through an object. The use of reflected light from the object allows examination of specimens that would be too thick or otherwise opaque for compound microscopy.

This zoom stereo microscope has an excellent cost performance with high quality and high function. Its ergonomic design makes it the best choice for you, providing a sharp image display and a wide viewing field of Φ20 mm with the zoom ration of 1:4.5. You should also know that this microscope is the ideal devices as an instrument in academic, medical and industrial field.

About its technical details, you should know that this microscope has a high resolution with a wide viewing field and a long working distance. Its diopter is adjustable. In addition, its zoom objective is 0.7×-3×/ 1×-4.5× and its zoom ratio 1:4.3/ 1:4.5. Another great feature is that its binocular head is inclined at 45° and the interpupillary distance is 52 – 75 mm.

Among some of this zoom stereo microscope’s specifications, you can find that it has a working distance of 97 mm. Moreover, its zoom ratio is 1:4.3 and 1:4.5. Finally, it has a LED Reflection illumination.


  • High quality, high function and excellent cost performance.
  • Best choose with ergonomic design, sharp image display and wide viewing field.
  • Providing a wide viewing field of Φ20mm with the zoom ratio of 1:4.5.
  • Ideal instrument in academic, medical and industrial field.